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Enterprise App Development

With the rapid adoption of mobile technology across the world, the need for a mobile app can no longer be ignored. Let Blu Sky help you navigate the mobile app landscape to provide the best solution(s) for your business. Our teams specialize in iOS and Android App development.

Graphics Design

We establish your brand by learning all about your product, demographic and vision. We then create that identity by unifying specific colors, graphics, and typefaces to increase your brand recognition.

Website Development

Our team is experienced in providing rich, responsive, and modern websites. Our extensive experience in the field ensures that we take into account Search Engine Optimization (SEO), browser support, user experience, and the latest design philosophies.

Marketing Magic

Creating apps for the Enterprise means that you're going to want a team with the marketing brainpower to make your app successful. With our marketing team engaged from the start we can ensure your app gets the exposure, adoption, connections, and monetization that it needs.

Full suite of technology solutions

At Blu Sky we pride ourselves in the breadth of our technical capabilities, and you will be too. Our team has experience in designing websites, mobile apps, tablet apps, database design, graphics design, business intelligence (reporting), and more. If you have a technological gap, we can fulfill it. So call us now and complete your business.


Our team has perfected the art of perfect delivery

We've gone down the road of building applications many times. The process outlined below allows us to work with clients and address problems early rather than letting them stagnate until the end. We've found that doing the Blu Sky Call and Blu Print upfront allows us to be more in sync with our clients' vision, and provides us with the fundamental guidelines for the millions of small decisions we'll have to make throughout the project

Blu Sky Call

The Blu Sky Call will give us and our clients a chance to explore the core concept of what we will be designing and building. In this phase, we challenge concepts against identified user personas, target markets, and the mapped product loops. These challenges will allow us and our clients to discover a refined core concept built on solid strategy.

  • 5533504886ac3db85c98f600_targetUsers.svg
    Feasibility and SWOT Analysis
  • 5533522286ac3db85c98f60e_marketAnalysis.svg
    Monetization Strategy and Market Analysis
  • 55335328777d17b75ce873bb_conceptDrafting.svg
    High-level draft and budget

Blu Print

At Blu Sky, we wholeheartedly believe in creating an unique and intuitive experience that will allow users to naturally flow through the application. We accomplish this by operating under the principle that design should dictate functionality. We allow design to create all functionality, ensuring a truly intuitive and engaging user experience.

  • 5533539086ac3db85c98f617_wireframes.svg
    Wireframes and graphics design
  • 553354b086ac3db85c98f630_testing.svg
    Requirements Definition
  • 5533547886ac3db85c98f620_roadMapping.svg
    Project Roadmap and Budget


Our development process is centered around the core ideals of agile development. This allows us to take our roadmap and create a flexible and client focused build strategy which ultimately means adapting and moving quickly. By putting time up front to architect scalable solutions we waste no time and money going through endless frustrating iterations.

  • 5533542886ac3db85c98f61c_databaseDesign.svg
    Application and Database Design
  • 5533557efd7ee5b552c32d23_userExperience.svg
  • 5533561a86ac3db85c98f665_functionalPrototype.svg
    Shippable Product 


After a rigorous testing phase, we will deploy our client’s web and mobile projects. We also ensure that the client is prepared for the app launch from a technical standpoint as well as from a marketing one. We will then provide on-going support to ensure that the client is compliant with all the latest OS releases for all platforms (iOS, Android, etc.)

  • 553357ee86ac3db85c98f678_optimization.svg
    Product Launch
  • 5533580f86ac3db85c98f679_mvp.svg
    Product Maintenance and Support
  • 5533583286ac3db85c98f67a_usageAnalysis.svg
    Analysis and fine tuning

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Customer Testimonials.

Never a dissatisfied customer
I tried several agencies before coming to Blu Sky. They exceeded all expectations with their attention to detail, and strong experience with marketing apps. I would definitely recommend everyone looking for quality to give them a call.
Keyur Shah
The app experts at Blu Sky seemed to really know what they were talking about. They helped me build an excellent project plan (Blu Print) which I am going to take and look for investors. And when I get them, I am coming right back.
Their architect was very impressive and came up with a creative solution for our problem. Will definitely recommend.
Michelle Markus

Many apps have a server component to them and are only as good as those corresponding backends. If a back-end server is down or slow, an app effectively is too. Additionally, it’s critical for backends to quickly scale with a rapidly growing user base. Our partners are well versed in server management and hosting. 


Big data, data analytics, etc. are terms used loosely nowadays. We work closely with teams that service some of the biggest names in the Business Intelligence community. With our help you will be better able to make sense of your data and get your finger on the pulse of your users.


From building customer-facing wearable solutions that improves customer engagement to enterprise grade solutions that bring productivity gains and cost optimization to business processes- our expertise in wearables encompasses all. Our services ranges from building apps for wearables to designing solutions that access other hardware, integrate with smart clothes and a range of sensors to add more power to your mobility.


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As a  development company, we are exclusively focused on designing and developing compelling  applications. From smartphones & tablets to cars, connected homes, and wearables like the Apple Watch, we have mobile and web, design and development experience across mediums and industries. We know how to do technology.